Supporting micro-enterprises through informal mentors

Seed40 is an initiative established to identify and invest in microenterprises through an informal network of mentors.

If you are inspired to mentor an unlikely entrepreneur who can benefit from our seed programme...

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How it works

Are you inspired to mentor an unlikely entrepreneur who runs a microenterprise?


Share a compelling story of the business, how you intend to support and the value our small grant will add with a short video (max 5mins).


Complete the application form and share the video with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Seed40?

SeedForty is a social experiment led by ‘Bosun Tijani. The project aims to invest in and harness support for extremely unlikely entrepreneurs.

2. How does Seed40 invest?

Seed40’s main objective is to identify mentors who are committed to supporting the growth of microenterprises in their locality. While we provide a grant (not investment) of 100,000 Naira per microenterprise, our objective is to ensure the availability of mentorship support to short-listed businesses.

3. Who is qualified to apply?

Applications are to be completed by an inspired mentor on behalf of the entrepreneurs. Application made directly by entrepreneurs won’t be considered.

4. What is a microenterprise?

A microenterprise by definition is a business operating on a very small scale and in few cases supported by microcredit. For context, “a fried yam” or “roasted plantain” seller will qualify for Seed40.

5. How many businesses will be funded?

The scheme will fund a microenterprise per month. Applicants are however encouraged to apply at anytime during 2017 as all applications will be carried over every month for consideration.

6. What’s my commitment as a mentor?

We’ll appreciate if you keep us updated on the progress of the business. However, we’ll formally request for short update twice in the first 12 months.